About Daniel Gram​

Couture artist and fashion designer Daniel Gram was born in Buenos Aires Argentina.  He earned a fashion degree from the University of Buenos Aires in 2000 and emigrated to the United States soon after to continue his studies.  


Daniel has been working successfully in the fashion industry for more than 20 years earning numerous awards and recognition for his outstanding couture work, fashion design pieces and collections.  


Fashion design has always and continues to be Daniel’s biggest passion.   His design style focuses on new trends, colorful tones, and elegance for women’s high-end gowns, gala and cocktail dress.  He has created hundreds of beautiful high-end style pieces throughout the years.  


Daniel’s other passion is empowering his community.   He currently teaches high-end couture at the prestigious Fashion Institute in Salt Lake City, where he empowers hundreds of students from all walks of life, preparing them for careers in fashion design, technical apparel, and custom dressmaking.  

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